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Value Engineering:

A value-engineered project seeks to maximize the function and long-term value while minimizing costs both upfront and over the life cycle of a building.  We work with the architect, engineer, and interior designer to reduce costs and simplify construction. By evaluating a project early in the design process, we can determine the best way to add the most value for our client.  

We bring decades of construction experience to your project. We are open and honest with our evaluation.  The goal is to create an efficient end product.

During construction, our innovative team will continue to bring fresh perspectives and suggest modifications and design-driven improvements as the project proceeds.

The Benefits of Value Engineering:

Using the best practices for value engineering has multiple benefits. It means any potential design problems can be dealt with before they arise on-site, which decreases delays and extra costs that may occur as a result. By creating an efficient building process, we achieve better communication, improved teamwork and a better understanding of the prime objectives.

We believe that openly discussing value criteria helps us gain a precise basis for making decisions throughout the project, which in turn, gives clients increased satisfaction with a project specially tailored to their needs. The use of higher-quality products often adds value and increases savings across the lifecycle of a home. With value engineering, we build sustainably, reducing our carbon footprint including transportation, building materials and operation.

Doing it right the first time

saves you stress and money in the long run.

“We worked with the team at TM Builders and our experience with them, from our first meeting until completion of the project, was first class.” – The Nash’s

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