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4 Stage

Doing it right the first time saves you stress and money in the long run. Connecting you to the TM Builders 4-Stage means complete transparency and as much or as little involvement and control as you like. Your Project Manager manages all budgets, schedules, and specifications while your Site Foreman oversees all onsite work for quality and efficiency. You can access our Construction Management Software (CMS) where your job details, budget, daily log, and schedule is available to view 24 hours a day in ‘real time’.

For a demonstration of our Construction Management Software, please call or email TM Builders.

TM Builders Whistler Process people looking at house plans


New Build 2-4 weeks


Introductory meeting
Hear ideas and thoughts
Review process and CMS
Review fee structures
Review job costing
Budget discussion
Determine next steps


Construction Management Software

TM Builders Whistler Process builder reviewing house plans


New Build 4-8 months


In-depth review scope & expectations
Determine estimated budget
Sign contract
Architectural design reviews
Enter project into CMS
Engineering reviews & costing
Surveys and reports
Structural drawings
Submittals for permits
Interior design reviews
Confirm selections
Create Schedule
Bid packages
Finalize Budget & review
Receive Building permit


TM Builders Whistler Construction Process


New Build 12-24 months


Team briefings
Planning and take-offs
Ordering materials, millwork, appliances, finishes & fixtures
Scheduling trades
Daily reports
Photo updates
Budget updates
Schedule updates
Team meetings
Modifications and solutions
Client changes
Design driven improvements

TM Builders Whistler Process couple handshaking builders hand


During Final 2 months of build


Deficiency list list
Completion deficiencies
Final municipal inspections
Inspection deficiencies
Mechanical training
House & site clean
Manuals and warranties
Occupancy Permit
Budget review
Quality Review
Satisfaction survey

TM Builders Whistler Process home construction

Start to Finish Custom Homes and Renovations

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“To understand the requirements and skill sets to build a new- age, high quality, hi-tech building was something far beyond my skill set but just a day in the life for Tom McColm” – R. McCarthy

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