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When we look at the other homes going up around us the quality of TM Builders really stands out.

We chose Tom and TM Builders after reviewing several options. Tom’s professionalism, openness, and ability to listen stood out in the initial interview and throughout the project. They did an amazing job of sticking to the schedule and dealt with issues quickly. Tom and Mike provided great ideas that we never would have thought of on our own and expert advice on construction materials and finish. We were impressed with the transparency and clarity that the Builder Trend software provided. We could follow the budget openly, allowing us to make better decisions about where to spend more (like opting for better quality finish materials) and where to cut back. We had control to approve choices ahead of time and changes were tracked transparently so that there was no confusion. When we look at some of the other homes going up around us, we can see how the quality of ours really stands out.

Rob and Deb K

Highly Recommend the TM Builders team for Building in the Sea to Sky.

We have worked with TM on a number of projects over the past 4 years. Our relationship commenced when we hired them as our general contractor to undertake a major renovation in Whistler. During this experience we found their team to be efficient, conscientious, and professional. As a client who appreciates proactive dialogue, we also found their contribution to on-the-ground design issues that inevitably emerge during the course of construction refreshing, and their approach to problem-solving encouraging. Since our first project, we have undertaken a further 2 renovation projects in which our initial experience with the professionalism of TM was replicated in addition to broadening our experience of their quality project managers and tradesmen. Our current project, in addition to employing TM as a general contractor for a residential dwelling, also utilized their in-house design capabilities. This allowed for a more seamless transition between the design and construction phases, allowing for additional cost efficiencies whilst taking further advantage of their commitment to proactive dialogue and problem-solving. On each occasion, our project has been delivered on time and on budget.

Richard and Cindy D

A design I loved that met my budget.

I was impressed with how Tom does business, honest, respectful, and with a clear, well-communicated process. I could tell that he respects his client’s budget and money. Tom listened carefully to my needs and guided me to a design I loved that met my budget. Throughout the entire project, he kept me involved, informed and up to date. There were no major unpleasant surprises or unexpected costs. He assisted with the construction mortgage lending process to ensure that the cash flow was going to work out for the project. The Cloud-based software made it easy to see exactly what had been spent in each individual category of the project and what costs were remaining. This way, I didn’t need to worry if the project was going to cost more than expected. All of the TM employees and sub-trades were professional, hard-working, and had a positive attitude. If I were to build another home, I would not hesitate to hire TM Builders.

Helene C

Daily reports and photos took the worry out of living in a different town from where we were building.

Tom is a great guy with good morals – I felt like I could trust him. He maintained good communication throughout the job and set realistic expectations. Living in a different town from where we were building was not a worry as we were updated every day with photos and reports of what was happening on site. TM Builders did high-quality work. A lot of thought went into all the details to ensure everything looked right and worked extremely well. The people were great with a strong work ethic, not a bad attitude seen throughout the job. TM Builders is way ahead of the competition with their Cloud-based software. The transparency and accuracy took away all our worries about the budgeting process. Transparency equals trust and that is how we felt our job was handled.

Paul H

They made it look easy.

I have been responsible for many projects in Western Canada, Eastern Canada, Colorado, and Sochi for the 2014 Olympics. Those projects have ranged from single-family buildings to 1200-seat mountaintop restaurants. Every one of those had challenges of one kind or another. I have worked with a multitude of highly qualified project managers, when it came to building my own house, I thought I had enough experience to get a lot of it done myself. I was fortunate enough to be guided by a good friend who had designed many high-end custom houses. He advised me to hire Tom McColm of TM Builders. Understanding the requirements and skill sets to build a new age high quality, high-tech building was something far beyond my skill set just another day in the life of Tom McColm. It is one thing to be technically skilled but to get a large sophisticated house built with all the interconnectivity of systems, timing, and picking the right sub-trades isn’t that simple and yet Tom made it look easy.

Roger McCarthy

First Class Experience.

We worked with the team at TM Builders and our experience with them from our first meeting until completion of the project was first class. They are exceptionally professional. They were available always and delivered on time and on budget for our construction project. TM are top-quality builders and have an excellent ability to offer innovative ideas to assist with the design and construction process. We would suggest building a home with them. We have been living in our place for well over a year and we are just as happy with it as the day we moved in!

Sara and Hugh N

Excellent Follow-Up.

We hired TM Builders for a substantial renovation to our 30 years old recreational property in Whistler. They impressed us immensely. They provided realistic budget and schedule estimates and executed a very professional and property-transforming outcome. In fact, we never visited the project from start to finish, and are totally satisfied with the outcome. They worked with us to control the budget and initialed many cost-saving ideas and project scope changes that either reduced the costs or improved the final results. While there were very few deficiencies, the follow-up from TM Builders has been very good. I have no hesitation in recommending TM Builders to prospective people who require a green build or renovation.

George P

High Quality. Consistent. Reliable.

TM Builders does consistent, high-quality work and builds really nice homes. They are a perfect client for us because they value quality, accuracy and attention to detail as we do. With TM Builders, we’re always putting nice floors in nice homes. In the construction industry, projects are often delayed and many run many months behind (we once had a floor in our shop waiting for installation for over a year!) With TM Builders, we can trust the schedule. They are ready to go on time and everything flows like clockwork.

Kurt Lindemark

Genesis Hardwood

Skilled + Experienced crew working as a team to deliver high-quality work.

When we work with TM Builders it’s very much a team environment. Everyone either on site or in the office is working together to get the project completed within the schedule set and to the highest standards we can. There is always a very open line of communication and we can count on getting help from the whole team at TM Builders, including other subcontractors. This sounds very simple (and it is) but it’s not that common. This simple dynamic makes projects run very smoothly. In the end, this produces a quicker more cost-effective, and higher-end product. TM Builders also do a great job forecasting their workload to make sure that they stay busy, but not to the point that they are overcommitted. This ensures they keep long-term skilled employees, creating familiarity within the crew from project to project. A finely-tuned team with experienced, skilled tradespeople delivers a better product. At the end of the day, that is what it’s all about. They also provide regularly updated and realistic schedules which makes the whole process and in particular, our job, much easier. A realistic schedule can be harder to create and manage than it sounds and is often undervalued. They understand what is required to deliver a high-quality product and they provide the management and experience necessary to make it happen, which is sometimes rare in a booming economy. They ask the right questions, they follow up, they pay attention to details that matter and they also appreciate and value the level of experience a subcontractor brings to a project. All these things in turn not only make for very loyal subcontractors and lots of support when things need to get done, but it also brings a lot of value to the client.

Joel Griffiths

Switched on Electrical

TM Builders is organized. They stick to the schedule and they have experienced employees.

TM Builders has strong project management and they do all the necessary pre-work so that they can quickly supply the required details. This makes it much easier to keep to the schedule. Tom and his team are good, knowledgeable people to work with. Their workers are experienced professionals who know how to make decisions on the job and solve issues quickly. They also know the order of operations, what the other subcontractors need to do, and when they need to do it so that things flow smoothly.

Cody Scoular

Scoular Mechanical

High-Quality Work. Clear concise communication.

TM Builders does excellent, high-quality work and they hold their subcontractors to the same level of expectation. They want all work done correctly on time and on budget. They help us to achieve these expectations with exceptional communication. The emails and documentation we receive leave us with no major questions and if any issues do arise, they are dealt with quickly. The schedule is clearly laid out so we can align our team. We understand our role, timelines, and expectations. Changes and updates are communicated quickly and agreed upon. Jamie, our primary contact is always available and he’s open to discussing and finding solutions to anything that comes up. We have a good working relationship with TM Builders. They are easy to work with and well-organized.

Scott Robertson

Custom Air

Doing it right the first time

saves you stress and money in the long run.

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