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COVID-19 Updates

For everyone’s safety during COVID-19 we have updated our health and safety protocols.  We are following the recommended advise from our local health experts. Masks are required in our offices when moving around, in common areas or when safe social distance cannot be maintained. Our office staff and project managers are keeping regular hours working remotely when possible. We utilize Zoom as needed for consultations, walk-thru meetings, and collaboration. We have a limit to the number of people in the office at any given time so that we can maintain the distancing required. We have sanitizing protocol in place and all common touch points and staff areas are sanitized regularly. We have also had all of our offices and sites deep cleaned by professionals specializing in COVID-19 sanitization.

On our worksites we have implemented the following to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Addition of hand washing stations
  • Disinfecting kits
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Limiting the number of people and trades onsite
  • Daily safety meeting
  • Daily Health screenings
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting or common areas and shared tools

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